Cairns Woods

Cairns Woods is a beautiful woodland area located on North Cairns street, just off Highway 65 North. Through the generosity of Gertrude Cairns, and in tribute to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Cairns, the 34 acres of land was purchased at a generous discount by the Village of Ellsworth in 1949 to be used as an education demonstration forest. It has groomed and non-groomed trails for exploring or spending quality family time together. Spring and fall are especially beautiful at Cairns Woods Park, with spring wildflowers and stunning red, gold and orange autumn color thanks to the many basswood, red oak, elm, and hard maple. The park was once lost to time, and the trails overgrown. Thankfully, the park and trails were rediscovered and thanks to Ellsworth Trails volunteers, the park and trails are being maintained for the enjoyment of all.

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